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Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7, 2013

Looking back, 2012 is a really crappy year, from start to finish. Everything from my personal life, my family, my financial and every single tiny thing that is in it.

There's family fight
There's money trouble
There's sickness everyone
There's my far away posting
There's my drunk habit again
There's my adding up debts
There's the disaster everywhere
There's getting dump
There's broken down car
There's road tax and insurance
There's demotivated me
There's family trouble
There's unexpected tragedy
There's 1 man department

then, there's me

But, this year is the year of the water snake, and i am a wood mouse. So I do am worry, because generally snake eat mouse. But since I don't know much about these astrology things, i'd assume things will hopefully turn out great and happy.

So, hey, tis a new year. Everything in the past had pass and will, stay there in the archive of my life library. I dont have any resolution for this year, cant think of any, honestly.

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