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Friday, October 8, 2010


The most popular question among my friend, why beer? to get drunk? just because i can? to make friend? because i had too?

because i like the taste, just like Bah Kut Teh. its the taste, the flavor, the smell.

warm is good sometimes
however, some beer taste bitter when warm, not to my liking though

for me, i love it cold, serve on ice and or on a cold glass
the colder, the sweeter it is, the more alluring the aroma. especially the one freshly from the fridge of ice box

one crate, 24 pax. cant drink it all alone
tried it once. took 3 people to finish one crate

the best drink is being drank with friends

alone is good, when i want to just, relax..

sometimes, freebies
okay, this was the time when we tried to get one of those awesome keychain but since they run out of stock, we get awesome lighter, and all of us gets it

now, another following question, now. do i like liquour

liquor? no. none are into my liking. and if i drank any, its either i have too or i just want to get drunk...

but beer, oh my..
beer is the same as other drinks, drink water too much also can get you drunk. also sodas, milks and juices
danger to health? even our proud nasi lemak and teh tarik contains high cholesterol. not to mention mee kolok, nasi kandaq and mee bandung. all contains bad cholestrol that can kill. but a beer?
beer contains alcohol, alcohol has ability to increase the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) into the bloodstream as well as help to decrease blood clots. beer is nutritious if consumed in a small amount, fat-free and cholesterol free.

felling tired? beer has a relaxing effect on the body thereby reducing stress, by saying so beer helps you to sleep better. on health perspective, beer helps prevent heart disease and improves the blood circulation, promote blood vessel dilation, sleep, and urination.

what is it in a beer?
0mg of cholesterol
0g of fat
13g of carbohydrate
25mg of sodium
protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins B, B2, and B6

so to say, no cholesterol in it, better than teh c?

but too much can kill, so to say just consume in small amount is good enough.
also, it gave me a beer belly.

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Coffee Girl said...

i cannot believe u compared beer to teh tarik! hahaha. good one. makes drinking it easier to justify huh. U shd ask commission for promoting this.

anyway, thanks for visiting mine. :-) dropping by to say hellooooooooo!